The Rope Access System and its Advantages

A rope access worker climbs ropes hanging of bc place with Vancouver City in the Background

What is Rope Access

The rope access technique is used in all types of assembly, installation, inspections, Repairs and Modifications. Rope access methodology boasts an unrivalled safety record, short set-up and dismantling time, positive environmental benefits and removes the need for invasive access equipment or disruption to a work site.

The primary purpose of rope access is to enable workers to access difficult-to-reach locations without scaffolding, boom/platform lifts, or suspended platforms.

A rope access technician will use ropes to descend, ascend and move laterally traversing both ropes and structures. Technicians are suspended in a harness and at all times have a secondary point as a means of backup and redundancy.

Rope access first came into use for industrial work in the 1980s. Since then, trade associations like IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) and SPRAT (Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians) have codified it and made it into a tested, reliable method for getting people into hard-to-reach places to do work.

Certification comes in the form of a minimum of four days of training and a full day externally administered assessment, on all practical manoeuvres, theory knowledge, system set up and mock Rescues.

There are three levels of rope access technician which are 1, 2, and 3. Moving between levels requires specified hours of experience logged and co-signed by a supervisor. as well as training and assessment of the skill and knowledge required for the new certification to progress.

The main advantage of using Ropes access lies in the speed and safety with which they allow workers to reach hard-to-reach locations in order to perform work, often with minimal impact on other operations and surrounding areas.

Comparing the man-at-risk hours and associated risks and costs of access to such locations with other means of access, rope access generally reduces both the time workers are exposed to risk and the degree of that risk.

Definition of the Rope Access system

How do we define rope access?

True that It is a dense definition, so to break it down further have a look at some of the key components of our definition.

Definition of Low Impact in front of a rope technician hanging off a suspension bridge

Low Impact

For many jobs concerns may not be the job itself but how it interacts with its surroundings. Rope access creates a small footprint that allows it to create little adverse impact.

Definition of Efficient in front of a rope technician hanging inside a silo


Not only will our crew assemble and install all access requirements, but they will also complete all required work on these systems reducing the time loss created by swapping trades.

Definition of Discreet in front of a rope technician hanging on a port tower


The environment around can have a great effect on the work and work site. Naturally, rope access limits that impact.

Definition of Confined Space in front of a rope technician inside a silo

Confined Space

Not only can we get in, around and complete confined space work and requirements. We also support others through systems, rescue and monitoring as regulations require.

Definition of Supplementary in front of a rope technician hanging inside a stack


Working together in both process and people, we can enhance our abilities and that guarantees success.

Definition of Restricted in front of a rope technician hanging off a suspension bridge


With many different reasons access may be limited, we can find a solution to work in and around all rules and requirements.

Definition of Trade in front of a rope technician working on the top of science world


Skilled and qualified tradespeople are a must to get the job done right. Let us enable your trade or provide our tradespeople on rope to ensure success

Definition of Adaptable in front of a rope technician working on Science World


The ability to reconfigure and customize our systems on the fly allows us to quickly overcome any challenges.

Definition of Safe in front of two rope technicians hanging off a wind turbine


We create safety through planning, preparation, risk assessment, inspection, buddy checks, safe working practices, PPE and best of all two points of attachment at all times

Definition of Complex in front of a rope technician inside an art installation


Systems are created in innumerable ways so we can access and achieve in all environments and applications. Let us come up with a plan for your problem.

Definition of Specialized in front of a rope technician hanging around water slides


Our team consists of certified Rope Access technicians with wide-ranging skills and experience so we can overcome any challenge.

Definition of Rescue with two workers practicing rescue on a radio tower


All our working systems are rescue-ready in daily operations. We also provide dedicated rescue cover and assistance for others outside the rope access industry.

Definition of Height in front of two rope technicians hanging on a high rise building


Beginning our definitions series, these are the underlying areas, attributes and abilities that make rope access the right choice.

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